Who are we?:

Cumberland Christian Home Educators (CCHE) is a support group for families who are educating their children at home in south central Kentucky. Its purpose is to facilitate home schooling families in raising up a generation of godly young men and women. We have been serving Pulaski (and surrounding counties) County since 1997.

Purpose for our children:

  • To supplement the student’s home curriculum with classes that lend themselves to large group participation.
  • To offer diverse home school enrichment electives, providing parents the latitude to supplement their home curriculum.
  • To provide socialization and Christian fellowship between peers, while offering accountability, healthy competition, fellowship, teamwork, and challenging interpersonal relationships outside of the home.

Purpose for the Parents:

  • To support one another through fellowship, prayer, and the sharing of common experiences.
  • To allow our children to be taught by teachers possessing both passion and aptitude for their subject presented from a biblical, Christian world view.

CCHE is not just a co-op, but a growing, multifaceted community that offers field trips, special events such as science fairs, spelling bees, history fairs and talent night, standardized testing, highschool formal, parent support, sports and more. Although weekly co-op classes are a great way to connect with other homeschoolers, you do not need to attend CCHE’s co-op to be able to participate in these additional homeschool opportunities. Members of CCHE can pick and choose which activities to participate in that best fit your family’s needs.