Activities & Special Events

CCHE has so much to offer! In addition to our Co-Op classes, we also have a variety of extracurricular activities and events for both students and parents. Read more about these extras below and contact any of our leadership team to find out more!

Science Fair

This is an opportunity for students to display and present their science projects. Projects will be judged using a rubric. Prizes are given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. All students will receive recognition and certificates for participation.

Spelling Bee

If your child is in 3rd-8th grade, he/she has the opportunity to participate in an official Spelling Bee for the title of “CCHE Spelling Champ”. The winner of this event will compete in the Pulaski County Spelling Bee for the chance to advance to the Kentucky Spelling Bee and possibly the Scripts

Geography / History Fair

This Fair gives students the opportunity to display and present projects/information about a specific time period or country. Native/period attire, food, hands-on projects, performances, as well as reports or research projects are some of the ways students can demonstrate their mastery of their chosen topic. All students will receive recognition and certificates for their participation.

Talent Night/Fine Arts Show

The Talent Night affords students the chance to share their artistic gifts with local community. In the past, students have showcased their musical talents, dance, gymnastics, comedy routines, demonstrations, dramatic skits, etc. The Fine Arts Show is an opportunity to display writings, manuscripts, paintings, drawings, sculptures, hands-on projects, photography, etc. Students are able to discuss and share their creative projects with others.

Field Day

The annual CCHE Field Day provides families with an end-of-the-year day full of games, fellowship, and ice cream floats at a local park. It is a wonderful chance for one final get-together as a group before we break for the summer!

High School Formal Evening

CCHE holds a wonderful formal evening for high school students. This event includes dinner, entertainment, formal/semi-formal attire, photographs, music, and dancing. The evening is well-chaperoned and a great opportunity for everyone to make some lasting memories.

Graduation Ceremony

This event recognizes and honors the kindergarten class, the 8th grade class, and the graduating seniors. The event includes special speakers and entertainment often provided by our own students. A highlight of the evening is the video production which showcases the lives of the seniors.

Field Trips

CCHE offers many opportunities to come together as homeschoolers. One of the ways we participate as a group is through field trips. There are a variety of events available to our members. Please see our event calendar for scheduled field trips. Important field trip information can be found in our handbook. (This is given to every member family when they join CCHE).

CCHE Sports Program

CCHE offers students the chance to participate in an official Sports League (currently basketball, volleyball and baseball.) We are the CCHE Hawks!

Students have the opportunity to develop their potential under the direction of talented Christian leaders and participate in formal league games and tournaments. Practices for volleyball and basketball are scheduled for most Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the school term.

We also have soccer, track, field and cross country, a homeschool karate class, and archery. JV is for grades 6-8, Varsity is for grades 9-12, and 12U is for ages 12 and under.

Please contact our Athletic Directors, Harry and Miriam Hubler, for more information.


JV/Varsity Coach:
Trampas Newberry

Assistant JV/Varsity Coach:
Harry Hubler

12U Coaches:
Robert Newberry
Eli Hubler
Harry Hubler

Joe Taylor
Joe is currently deployed for the 2019-20 season. Please consider gift contributions to his family here


JV/Varsity Baseball Coach:
Randal Parnell

Girl's Volleyball

JV/Varsity Head Coach:
Lauren Watson

Assistant Coach:
Miriam Huber


JV/Varsity Soccer Coach:
Jared Spiro

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