aaliyah-blog-collabI thought for my first post I would do a small autobiography type thing to let y’all get to know me better.

I was so excited when Garna asked me to do this, because there was so many other people that she could have chosen to do this, and yet she asked me! I am very grateful for this opportunity.

First off, my name is Alivia McCalister, and I have been a part of CCHE for 5 years. I’m currently in the 9th grade, and on the varsity CCHE Hawks volleyball team.

I also do another 2 blogs, https://livlovewrite0.wordpress.com/, and https://ablessedbeautifullife.wordpress.com/.

I have loved to write/read from day one. Creative writing was my favorite class way back when I went to public school. After my mom had her heart attack, it became more of a release for me to just write out all the emotions that occurred at the time. I have a binder full of all the stories and plays and things I used to write in the bottom of my drawer, and I have so many filled journals it is hard to count.

I have been homeschooled for 5 years. We had homeschooled for one year back in second grade when we lived in Indiana, but the following years up until 2011 I went back to school.

Homeschooling is a blessing that I am very fortunate to have. You have so much more free time to do what you like, such as me writing this, and you can explore more subjects and hobbies you are interested in. I love being able to have that freedom to learn what I like and do what i like during the day.

As of right now, I am wanting to pursue a future career in journalism, newspaper work, and things along those lines. I find that I enjoy it a lot. I plan on going to college at Berea College once I turn 18.

As I said earlier, I play volleyball for the CCHE Lady Hawks team. It is truly an amazing organization and I love being a setter for my team. I had never played a single sport in my life until I came to CCHE. I am blessed with that opportunity to play with them.

I will be doing posts on probably the third weekend of every month, and I am very excited! I hope you enjoy these, as this is something new that I haven’t really done much of before. Even though I do blog, this will be different, and I can’t wait!

God bless,