Co-op FAQ

When and where does co-op meet?

We generally meet the first three Thursdays of every month (September-April) from 11:30-3:00 at Oak Hill Baptist Church in Somerset, KY.

What is the purpose of co-op?

When you begin the exciting but difficult journey of homeschooling, you quickly discover that you need all the support you can get!

The purpose of our co-op is to provide that support through many different opportunities. At a co-op you can draw on the expertise of other people to teach subjects you may dislike or be weak in. Your student can take classes in subjects you may never even have thought of, taught by experts in those fields. Students benefit from learning from someone else for a change and from adapting to other teaching styles besides yours. A co-op can make homeschooling affordable because families share expenses. Some subjects are best taught in group settings, such as public speaking, drama, and P.E. Co-ops provide accountability, so families are more likely to stay on track.

Co-ops provide a healthy competition. A co-op offers encouragement, support and guidance from other homeschooling parents and their families. A homeschool co-op provides opportunities for friendships and socialization for your children. Character growth is developed because children learn how to share, interact with peers, be a friend, and take instruction from other adults . A homeschool co-op provides a fun break from home that the entire family can look forward to each week.