Membership Forms

Membership Application and Registration for Co-op
This form needs to be completed by everyone desiring to join CCHE whether or not you plan to attend the weekly co-op classes. If you do not plan to attend co-op, just check no at the appropriate place.

Statement of Faith
We are a Christian organization but not denominational specific. Our statement of faith includes only those truths upon which all Christians agree. It concerns the Person and Work of Jesus Christ (The Gospel) as revealed in the Scripture. It is the faith once delivered to the saints (Jude 1:1b, Ephesians 4:5), which distinguishes believers from non-believers. There are many other precious truths taught in the Bible over which godly men have differed in understanding. Therefore, this is not a statement of all that is important to believe, but of all that is essential to believe for Christian fellowship and unity. (Romans 15:7).

Code of Conduct
All our events and activities should be fun and educational for all of our students. We must remember that our behavior reflects on all that we represent. That includes our family, homeschoolers, our group (CCHE), Christians, and ultimately the name of Jesus. It is imperative that our conduct is in line with who we are!

Release of Claims
We require that every adult and every minor have a release of claims on file. Parents may put all of their children on one form.

Download entire application packet